Looking for Delicious, Locally Made Ice Cream in Portland, ME?

As a local, family-operated shop, we know there's nothing better than a scoop of yummy ice cream on a hot summer day. Coastal Creamery offers Maine-made ice cream at our location in Portland, ME. You'll love our creative and delicious house-made ice cream flavors. We've even got ice cream cookies and ice cream cookie sandwiches for those looking to elevate their sweet treat experience.

With our wide range of available flavors and goodies, there's something for everyone here. Visit our ice cream shop today.

Enjoy every flavor imaginable

Whether you're more of a cone connoisseur or an ice cream cookie enthusiast, Coastal Creamery in Portland, ME has just the thing for you. Our local ice cream flavors...

To find out about our full range of available flavors, swing by our location or call 207-536-1170.